Since 2010 New Start Mobile has partnered with many of the largest NGBs, NOCs and sports organizations. We deliver enterprise software platforms to increase the value of your memberships, improve team communication and get the most out of your existing technology.

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Team Players


We Deliver Results for Sports Organizations


Connect with your existing registration and learning management systems.

  • Authenticate and register users with single-sign-on (SSO) to your existing systems.

  • Unlock features and content based on coaching certification level and background check status.

  • Embed online courses, SafeSport and training programs directly into your app.


Control your content, own your data and monitor key performance indicators.

  • Upload and manage all your content and settings from a web-based admin console.

  • Integrate with your analytics and marketing suites to measure KPI.

  • Send push notifications to specific audiences to promote programs and events.


We provide enterprise-class support and service for our customers.

  • Operate your app with the confidence of having round-the-clock monitoring and support ready to lend a hand.

  • Clearly defined resolution standards and reporting procedures ensure your product’s ongoing health and market readiness.

  • Comprehensive training materials, including one on one support, round out a fully self-service, easy to manage experience.

Mobile Coach

Mobile Coach delivers your organization’s educational material to help your coaches create positive and challenging experiences for players at all age levels.

Mobile Coach Features

At every age, at every stage of development, all athletes need quality coaching. By focusing on the individual athlete at each stage of their development, a quality coaching program can enhance physical, emotional and mental growth, while fostering a love of the game.

Coaching Library

Drill library with ADM tags

Access coaching and educational material anywhere with Mobile Coach.

  • Color-coded ADM tags make it easy to discover age-appropriate skills, drills and lesson plans.
  • Search across the entire coaching library using keywords or tags.
  • Watch videos organized by development stage or topic.


Assess athlete performance based on age or development stage.

  • Quickly rate and score critical motor and foundational skills.
  • Know when to advance your players through the development pathway.
  • Discover recommended skills, drills and lessons based on assessment results.
  • Easily share assessment results with parents.
Coach assessment tool

Lesson Builder

In-app lesson plan builder

Create custom lesson plans that follow ADM and LTAD requirements.

  • Combine age-appropriate skills and drills based on ADM recommendations.
  • Avoid burnout with recommended time durations for each component of your plan.
  • Share your custom plans with assistant coaches or parents.

Pocket Team

Pocket Team allows you to easily administer any kind of event, from Olympic Games, to a local Softball tournament. Pocket Team has been used by athletes and staff at Olympic Games as well as by NGBs to run world championships, conferences and staff. Pocket Team can help you organize and run any sort of event.

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Custom Work

Apps, websites and services built specifically for your organization.

We can build what you need

New Start Mobile will work with your organization and members to design and develop the ideal technological solution to support your mission.

  • Engage directly with our design and development teams and watch your ideas come to life.
  • Provide customized content, branding and experiences for your associate clubs or regional organizations.
  • Streamline cumbersome business processes such as event ticketing, guest passes and travel.

Find out what we can bring to your organization

New Start Mobile plans, designs and builds comprehensive coaching, education, communication, and productivity tools. We work with 10 national governing bodies, 4 Olympic Committees and over 20 additional associations. We look forward to partnering with your team, athletes and you.

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